Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Frigid Welcome

My Naval Starter Box for the Russians came in yesterday /Happyface, but my rulebook and STAR cards were delayed for a few days /Sadface.

Friday, December 28, 2012



I've more or less officially bought into playing Dystopian Wars (I ordered a Russian Coalition Naval Battlegroup, a rulebook, and a set of STAR cards). I figured I should announce to the world I'm no longer a one-game-system kind of guy...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

For the Greater Good!

I got to play a couple games using the Communist Space Fishies this Friday, and they are much more fun than I expected. I ended up borrowing the models from Yancy over at MyTauGoPewPew (he actually has pics of the Tau in question on his blog.). I ended up playing two games, both at 1850 and both being ended before turn 3.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Productive Day

So the servitors of Forgeworld Rohan have been busy this morning... I finished the stomped Chaos Rhino, I got all the leg sections done and piston-ed (still need to come up with an idea for the endcaps on the leg joints... the hollow PVC doesn't exactly say sturdy), and even got a couple shots of what the thing is gonna look like when the top section is complete. Lots of detail work to be done on this bad boy, and I keep coming up with interesting ideas on how to make it better. Also, I've made it so the top section can rotate around and what not. I'm amused.

Pictures after the jump.


These bad boys have been floating around the interwebs for a while now (usually with the URL in the bottom corner cut out) and I finally found the source of the hilarity:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Power's back!

Forgeworld Rohan, MkI

After ~18 hours of fiddly work, this is what I had done by the Apocalypse game two weeks ago. I ended up reworking a lot of the leg sections (to make them more stable), and have waaaay more to do.

For the last... few months, I've lost the "want-to" to do anything with 40k. I haven't painted anything since before Halloween, and I haven't been able to sit and build anything paper for longer then a few minutes at a time, and the queue is stacking up.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Four Pack of Destruction

So... Apocalypse game in ~3 weeks, and I don't have any kind of marines painted or assembled at this point. So that means I build some Warhounds. The game (in so far as I understand it) will be teams with 3000 pts per player (with hopefully roughly even sides) and it will be set up on three? 6x4 tables arranged in a T shape. So for my contribution I'mma build 4 Paper Titans... one for each Chaos God.

More after the JUMP!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Dragons' Demise

This is a post formalizing my abandonment of the Copper Dragons Space Marine chapter. I'm keeping the Dreadnought, the five man Shooty-nator squad with a Heavy Flamer, My Vulkan conversion, and the Black Reach Captain as mementos, but everything else is getting stripped and repainted in a new, somewhat generic color scheme (Black Primary, Gold Trim, and Purple Secondary). I may name the chapter, maybe not.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tactics... Maybe: Sternguard Veterans

Salamanders Sternguard... picture shamelessly culled from the 'Net.

I was inspired to write this article after reading this.

I'm seeing a sweeping trend towards infantry and shootyness in 6th, and, with it, a decline in vehicles (when not spammed... too many hulls is still too many hulls... *cough*Acolyte Spam*cough*.) and assaulty-ness...

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Adventures in Power Armor

I've been torn in many different directions lately due to the advent of 6th edition and not really knowing which direction I want to go with it.

A visual representation of my current situation...

*Warning Wall-O-Text Approaching*

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I've been meaning to make a series of posts about some of the random kit-bashes that I tend to do when I'm all delirious-like and such. I've pondered the idea of making a Whirlwind Launcher for a while, and I had a bunch of Chaos Space Marine Havoc Launchers sitting around, but I didn't really have anything that I could use to mount them to a Rhino Chassis and look even remotely convincing... except I totally did and didn't realize it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Month Later

It's been a month since my last post, and since then, I've been going out to BKG as a Friday night regular, which is only so I can be better prepared for the Escalation League they'll be hosting in the near future. Unfortunately, this has made getting out to Battlefront on Saturdays a bit harder than it already was previously (single car family, guess who doesn't get first dibs on its usage...) and I've ended up missing the last two Saturdays completely. Sadness.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poll: Paint Scheme

Which paint scheme should I use on the wrecked Warhound? I've finished it and mounted it on its base (along with a hill/pile of dirt structure made of paper towels, which will be later painted and have sand/flock glued on.) Basically, I need a color for the majority of the structure, one for the head, and one for... trim, but I think I want to do caution stripes on the trim, so take that into consideration. So... primary and secondary colors... go! (Also, it will be weathered, because it's been, you know... boom!ed for a while...)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wrecked Warhound WIP

So I figured now is a good time to take some pictures and what not of this bad boy. I've made some pretty decent progress so far, I'd say I'm about 60% done with it (this estimate may or may not include the crater it will be sitting in...) I still need to do a bunch of plates to break up the large flat areas (not a huge deal, just a bit tedious), and the slatted vents on the back shoulder-thingies (which I'm not necessarily looking forward to.) Also, I need to finish the gun and mount it. Aside from that... It's definitely coming together.

I'm actually kind of sad that I'm making this into terrain instead of an actual model, but such is life... in any case, enjoy the pics:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My humble beginnings

This is the first set of pictures I took once my army was "fully painted" when I started playing (what feels like) ages ago... Also included are pictures of Skoll the Warhound Titan I built from cardstock (my very first Paperhammer model... it shows a bit.)

Insane in the Ter-rain

It looks like I've been bitten by the terrain making bug again...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Crimson Fists: Vote for Pedro?

Solidarity with my Crimson Fist battle-brothers.
About two months ago, I built a Pedro Kantor look-a-like model out of random bits and painted him up all Crimson Fist like and everything. I did this for two reasons. First, I wanted to paint something different from Green/Burgundy and I hate Ultramarines and Yellow, so that narrowed my choices down. Second I have an unadulterated adoration for Sternguard Veterans in all their epic-bolter-fire glory, and Pedro makes them even better.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Sisters and the Legion

I finally finished painting all the models my older brother wanted done, and I'll be sending them off in the next few days, but I figured I'd post some pictures to commemorate the occasion. Enjoy, and if you know someone who wants some affordable commission painting work done, let me know... Pics after the jump.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A New Game

In my wandering around the internet I found something most intriguing... Flipit Paper Combat.

I was piddling around looking for paper templates for Storm Talons (the aren't any yet, when I find one, I'll post something here.) and found a guy who A.) Really likes making Eli Patoroch paper templates and B.) made a tabletop wargame that uses paper template models, including terrain, which are free to download from his site, along with rules.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Game of 5th Ed. (Probably)

Out with the Old...
I played my last game of 5th Edition 40k Saturday, which happened to also be 
the last game at the Battle Barn. I'm sad to see it go, but I understand why it had to. Plus, now I don't have to feel disloyal for going to one of the many gaming stores that just opened up in the area. It was a fun game, with me playing Copper Dragons (Salamanders+Blood Angels) and my opponent (Eric) fielding a Wildrider Host (Eldar Jetbike Horde). I really didn't think I had a chance with that matchup, but I ended up not doing too badly, over all. I did realize, with the help of Jeff (the guy who owns the Barn), that I'm not very good at making tactical decisions on the fly... I'm pretty sure it is a flaw in my ability to prioritize targets appropriately.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Escape from Tarsis Ultra

*UPDATE* One of the other guys who participated in this game wrote a post on his blog including more pictures. Here's the link:
This was the board setup... disregard the inches marks... they're supposed to be feet.

So... I played one of the most awesome games of 40k I've ever played tonight. The mission was... unique, to say the least...

The game went like this:

Farseer Madiyas of the Saim Hann craftworld after casting the runes saw a swirling vortex that would cost thousands of Eldar lives if not quelled swiftly. At the heart of this maelstrom was a human dignitary from the planet the mon-keigh call Tarsis Ultra. The planet is currently acting as a staging point for several chapters of Space Marines a well as a regiment of Imperial Guard. Knowing that his craftworld lacked the military might necessary to face such an assemblage of forces he and his council of seers decided upon a desperate plan. They would lure a host of their dark kin from the webways and a splinter of hive fleet Leviathan to the planet. Tarsis Ultra would be utterly destroyed by such a force, but the concern of the Eldar is that the machinations of Chaos are stopped, no matter the cost.

Mission Summary:
With Hive Fleet Leviathan bearing down on Tarsis Ultra the forces of order must fight a desperate delaying action to ensure that the remaining planetary dignitaries are evacuated.


6000pts per side divided among all players on the team
for example if the FoO have 4 players then each player brings 1500 list following normal force org
Board Size 4' x 12'

Forces of Order deploy first anywhere on the table or in reserve
Forces of Disorder go first and can either be in reserve or come in on first turn like dawn of war

Forces of Order
Defend the evacuation craft 
Forces of Disorder
Destroy the evacuation craft before they are able depart the planet
Evacuation Craft
Starting on turn 2 roll a d6. On a 4 up the next evacuation craft arrives. Roll a d3 to determine the number of game turns the craft remains on the planet loading passengers
While landed the evacuation craft have 4+ cover saver from enemy shooting but count as stationary for assault purposes. The evacuation craft can fire their weapons normally during the FoO turn.
After the number of turns have elapsed the evacuation craft depart the battlefield at their max speed toward the defenders board edge.

Evacuation Craft  (Stormraven Gunships)
FA 12 SA 12 RA 12
Fast Skimmer
TL-Multi Melta - Nose
TL-Lascannon - Turret
Ceramite Plating
Power of the Machine Spirit

End of Game
Game ends when either the last craft is destroyed or is safely off the table.
The side that either defends/destroys the most evacuation craft wins.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Kidz Games First Tournament

I went to my second tournament today, and I ended up getting Second overall. Unfortunately, only 6 guys showed up, but it was still fun. All told, there were two Tau Players Yancy and Mike...? (I could be wrong about that one) One Imperial Guard player, Joshua. One Chaos Space Marines player, Jeff Stone. And two Codex: Space Marines players... Aaron, who played Ultramarines and me, with Copper Dragons (Salamanders.)

Funny coincidence. Aaron had the only army that wasn't painted a shade of green. The CSM were quite Nurgley...

All games were played on a 4x4 board, and my list is as follows:
Vulkan, 10 man Tactical Squad with Meltagun & Multimelta in a Rhino x2, Landspeeder with Multimelta and Heavy Flamer x2 (Two groups of one Speeder.)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Dragons United Pt. 2

The second part of the series where I take a moment and take pictures of all my Copper Dragons models I've been working on. This is mostly so I can have some sort of documented progress, and honestly, I just like to show off a little every now and then.

Pics after the jump.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet the twins!

I finally finished both the Paper Landspeeders... and I'm willing to bet most people won't be able to tell unless they picked it up. In any case here's some pictures after paint + random bits I couldn't reliably replicate in paper (the heavy flamers are from the Baal predator kit, and the Marine pilots are the gunners from Rhino kits. I also added the little exhaust fans from the underside of the Drop Pod for engines.)

Pics after the jump.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paper Speeder Pt. 1

Well, I jumped into the kiddy pool of paper tanks by starting with a Space Marine Land Speeder model (I need two for my Copper Dragons list I want to bring to the 750 pt local tourny this month...) Logic dictates that smaller model = less work, or so I thought. The parts are much more fiddly that anything I've dealt with before, but the model is definitely coming together, and after I get the hang of what goes where the next one(s) should go quicker.

Here's some pictures of the progress so far...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I think I might have been bitten by the Paperhammer bug again... I might start a Paper Imperial Guard Tank army (with an appropriate number of heavy weapons squads, and other required infantry models, made of plastic of course... flats are just tacky... IMO)

The pictures are not my work, but definitely examples of what the assembled models can look like with a little time/patience. These particular models were built using Eli Patoroch templates (Some crazy Russian guy...) The level of detail is ridiculous and he covers a wide variety of models (including Xenos, believe it or else!)

In any case here is a collection of links to some of the best templates for paper tanks I have ever found... a word of warning, there are A LOT of duplicates, but none of the collections individually are complete, so, there ya go...

Vaya con Dios,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Odd week.

Well, the gaming has been slow the last couple weeks, and it probably won't get any better until after Adepticon at least, maybe as much as next month (assuming everyone will probably want to have a break afterwards...) Shoutout to Eric who is one of many Battle Barn vets going to Adepticon this year. Good luck, and have fun.

All that aside, I've been looking into a Descent of Angels build for the Copper Dragons using the aforementioned wings as Jump Pack replacements. The two big questions I've been pondering are:
1.) What is the optimal squad size for DoA jumper units?
2.) What non-jumper units fit in well with the theme of the army, which complement and support the rest of the army?

Any other advice for Blood Angels in general and Descent of Angels lists specifically would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pics or it didn't happen!

This is just a random post of the pictures Eric took of my army during the Tournament last month. Which were shamlessly stolen from:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Modern Flame War 3... oh wait, maybe not...

I've been looking into playing Flames of War recently, but The Barn seems... well... antagonistic towards the game. In any case, I've (as I tend to do when I get intrigued by something) been reading pretty much every blog with tactica and what not on it and found a really really Mathhammer-y set of articles pertaining to that system.

I'm posting links here, A.) Because I can, B.) In case anyone who actually reads this blog gets even moderately interested in Flames of War, and C.) So I can find them again for future use. See? I'm sort of thinking about all of you! :-P

Saturday, March 24, 2012

It been a bad day (please don't take a picture...)

So, my computer crapped out two weeks ago, the day after the tournament (which I failed miserably at... the gaming aspect of my drug [oh I mean hobby...] of choice is getting pretty depressing, by the way. I did enjoy myself at the tourney though... so it wasn't all bad.)

Apart from that, everything else is pretty not bad in general. I have a decently sized force painted to a tabletop standard... nothing stellar, but not bad either. It was more because it was a rush job than anything else, but I can't complain. So the next thing I need to decide is what direction to go with my hobby.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Strikeforce Flarebrass, reporting for duty!

So... here it is, in all its glory! My painting desk! Bah-bah-bah-bum!

I kid, this is the army I'm bringing to the tournament tomorrow (I literally just got done painting the Devastators 1/2 hour ago.)

The list is as follows:

190 Vulkan He'stan
100 Librarian, with Null Zone and Gate of Infinity
215 10 man Tactical Squad, Multimelta, Combimelta, Flamer, Rhino
215 10 man Tactical Squad, Multimelta, Combimelta, Flamer, Rhino
195 5 man Sternguard Squad, Heavy Flamer x2, Combimelta x3, Rhino
195 5 man Sternguard Squad, Heavy Flamer x2, Combimelta x3, Rhino
135 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x3
135 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x3
120 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x2

Out of this whole list, only one Tactical squad was previously painted... so I painted & converted... ~1300 points of models in the last two weeks or so... not bad if I do say so myself. Also, Vulkan strikes an epic pose, smiles at the camera, and then goes on to utterly destroy anyone who opposes him! Bwahahahahaha!

Monday, March 5, 2012

And now for something completely different!

Ok, so, I did it. I hate myself for doing it, and I'll probably be painting models for the rest of the week just to pull this off. But I did it. I found a list that abides in the generally accepted range of "Balanced" and fits my army theme, my models, and my general playstyle. Is it totally optimized? No way in heck. But I'm going to enjoy playing the crap out of this list on Saturday. (As an interesting aside, Thanks Eric for giving someone else on the forums the advice I needed to hear... play a list you know.)

So... here goes nothing:

190 Vulkan He'stan
100 Librarian, Null Zone, Gate of Infinity
215 10 man Tactical Squad, Multimelta, Combimelta, Flamer, Rhino
215 10 man Tactical Squad, Multimelta, Combimelta, Flamer, Rhino
270 8 man Sternguard Squad, Heavy Flamer x2, Combimelta x3, Rhino
270 8 man Sternguard Squad, Heavy Flamer x2, Combimelta x3, Rhino
120 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x2
120 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x2

1500 Total


190 Vulkan He'stan
100 Librarian, Null Zone, Gate of Infinity
215 10 man Tactical Squad, Multimelta, Combimelta, Flamer, Rhino
215 10 man Tactical Squad, Multimelta, Combimelta, Flamer, Rhino
195 5 man Sternguard Squad, Heavy Flamer x2, Combimelta x3, Rhino
195 5 man Sternguard Squad, Heavy Flamer x2, Combimelta x3, Rhino
135 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x3
135 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x3
120 5 man Devastator Squad, Missile Launcher x2

I like the first one better...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battle Barn 2/24/12 & 3/2/12

So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy, teeth!

Well, the Copper Dragons haven't been faring well at the Barn for the last two weeks... In my defense, I've been playing against armies that A.) I haven't ever played against, or B.) It's been more than 3 years since the last time I played against that army.

Last week I played against Tyler and his horrible evil "Can I Has A Hug?/Let's Have Babies!" Tyranid army. By the end of the fight I think I may have killed two of his squads of termagaunts...? which ever the shooty gribblies are... and he pretty much just ran my marines over... and then his 'Nids subsequently ate their corpses. It was a sad day. I got a second game in against Reese and his Space Wolves, and they ran me over as well. That day was kinda meh in general for me, so I figured I'd try again next week and see if I fared better...

But I didn't. I ended up challenging Christian and his Black Templar army (never played vs. the Templar, but I figured they couldn't be THAT much different from Vanilla Marines... I was wrong.) and we ended up with a kill points mission. I'm lucky he didn't table my sorry butt. Well, he got 11 (out of 14) kill points and I got... 2 (out of ~8). I may be clinically depressed right now, but I can't tell because of how sad I am. Here's hoping I do better during the tournament next week.

As an interesting aside, Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail was quoted during both of these games... so it wasn't a complete loss. The game against the Tyranids my Dreadnought lost both of his arms and got immobilized and was (on multiple occasions) compared to the Black Knight ('Tis only a flesh wound!) And apparently, the Black Templar are the current owners of all remaining Holy Hand Grenades of Anitoch in the galaxy... Though I did thoroughly enjoy being blown to tiny bits.

Vaya con Dios,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Squad Reinforced! Update

Last week, I wrote up a glowing review about the Ebay seller Discount Games Store. Well, here's an update on that situation: They had actually forgotten to ship 1 of the vehicle transfer sheets that are supposed to come with the Rhinos I ordered, which all told wouldn't have even been an issue, until I started assembling my tactical squads and realized they forgot to ship their bases as well. Needless to say, I was not very happy about it, and that was compounded by the close proximity of the tournament they were bought for in the first place...

In any case, I contacted them about the problem and they nearly immediately sent out a package with the missing parts... plus a Dark Angels upgrade sprue thingy... the one with bike fronts and the Typhoon upgrade for Land Speeders... That made me quite happy, as bits are always welcome, especially Marine bits. Also, they sent me 1 extra base. I lol'd a little. ANYWAY... I still fully recommend them as a great place to pick up some models.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Squad Reinforced!

Well, I bought some models off of Ebay on Friday, and they were here when I got home from work today (Monday), so that was an epic win, which turned into a double epic win because they were also on sale for ~26% off retail at the time of purchase. If there's anyone who doesn't know, there is an Ebay store that sells model wargame products minus the box (for ease of shipping I'd presume) at fantastic prices.

That Ebay store is know simply as Discount Games Store and has fantastic prices, ridiculously quick shipping, and great selection. They don't carry one-offs or blister packs (at least that I'm aware of...) but if it comes in a box, you can be fairly certain to find it. The discount margin ranges from 10-35% depending if they have a sale going on or if you buy bulk (Yup, they sell Rhinos in packs of up to 9!) but they average in the 16-20% area for most of their offers. Yes, I know that there are other wargame online stores sell at 20% off on everything, but every once in a while you can hunt down some excellent bargains. So, check them out the next time you are looking to buy some models.

As for the models I bought, they were two Tactical Squads, and two Rhinos, all to be painted in the Copper Dragon color scheme for the March 10th tournament.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Battle Barn 02-17-12

I went to the Barn last night, and decided to play with the Coppers a little bit. I started the Coppers as more of an exercise in painting (with the side benefit of dabbling in another codex) but I'm starting to appreciate the difference in play compared to my Space Wolves. I've made the unfortunate (and major) mistake throughout my early days playing Coppers: They don't play anything like the Space Wolves, but that didn't stop me from trying.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dragons United Pt. 1

This is the first group shot of my paint progress thus far.

Also, epic shot of my box-o-bits.

My ever expanding army, hopefully they'll get a whole bookcase to themselves one day...

Pay no attention to the Shadowsword lurking on the bottom shelf...
The reality of the situation is that I just want to show them off...

Vaya con Dios,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Captain Avitus of the Drake Wing

I finally (re)started painting my Copper Dragons since the big move... I'm slowly working and already finished the Sargent of my Assault Squad (they have wings, freak out, I know... I don't rightly care, honestly. They look freaking cool.) I even made a fancy little hybrid flying stem+25mm base...

Now for some fluff:

Captain Avitus is the leader of the Copper Dragons 7th Company also known as the Drake Wing, which consists entirely of Assault Marines that bear the Copper Dragon's most outstanding mutation: fully functional dragon wings. Copper Dragons that bear this mutation have an instinctual ability to use the wings to great effect, especially in combat. Furthermore the wings are made of what superficially looks like copper though they are much more flexible, impossibly hard, and immune to intense heat.

As for the Captain himself, he distinguished himself early on in his service to the Emperor as both a fierce combatant and an outstanding tactician, even by Marine standards. He, unlike others of his rank, feels most comfortable leading the battle from the front, and will always lead a hand picked squad of Marines as a Sargent. His weapon of choice is a pair of Lightning Claws he made during his training.

Furthermore, I need a better camera...

Vaya Con Dios,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Battle Barn 01-13-12 (Batrep, Pic Heavy)

Well, I had my first game with my 1500 point Space Wolf list, and it did better than I expected.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hounds of Hel

The Hounds of Hel are finally making a comeback. For those of you out of the loop, the Hounds are the army I started playing 40k with. They are a Renegade Space Wolves Company (I use the Space Wolf Codex and models, I just hate that freaking powder blue color...) that have been sitting on the shelf since I re-purposed most of the models I collected for them to my Copper Dragons. The reason I did so was two fold, A.) I wanted to try a different army (albeit still Marines), and B.) about 70% of the marine models I had came from Black Reach/Tactical boxes and didn't look very Wolfy.

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