Monday, April 4, 2016

Death of a Game Store

I have the most unfortunate luck with game stores that I like and visit frequently closing down. In this particular instance, I'm referring to Empire Games in Mesa, AZ. It was by far the largest game store in my general area of the Valley, and it will be missed. The one glimmer of goodness that came of this was the 50% off everything sale they had the day they shut the doors.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Map Campaign pt1

One of my local shops (Empire Games in Mesa, AZ) is running a map based campaign/escalation league for the next couple months. The map updates weekly on Sunday as a result of battles that take place over the course of the week. I'm playing for the Xenos team, and there are also Imperial, Marines, and Chaos teams... and the one Tyranid player is all by himself. So far it looks pretty awesome, and I've participated in two battles as of this post.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fishie Sticks

I've made quite a bit of painting progress on my Tau in recent days. I finally got one out of my three Firewarrior (Strike Teams, now... I suppose) squads done to tabletop standard. I painted both my fixer-upper Devilfish I bought off ebay a jillion years ago disruption pod effects and all. I also painted a Remora to see how easy it would be to do a batch of them, and I like the results. I even rewarded my progress so far by painting one of my HQ models that I have set as off-limits while I paint my rank-and-files. In this case, it is Shas'O R'myr the sweet, sweet XV89 commander with a fancy plasma rifle.

Also, for kicks, a picture of my WIP infantry models that need to get done. Then I can move on to my Sniper Drones and probably my squad of XV-88-2 with Heavy Rail Rifles.

Pics after the jump.


What did I get myself into...?

As always, vaya con Dios,

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Tau Too Far

This is the sum total of all the painted Tau stuff I own. Also, pictures of a R'varna I did for a friend that ended up 80% painted before I left Michigan. I'll be back up there to finish it eventually.

Two Long Years

Quite a bit has happened in the time since I last posted. We finished the story of Silvr, there was a war, things blew up, we made a narrow escape to the outside world that was just as post-apocalyptic as I'd hoped. Great stuff. I'm sincerely sorry I can't regale you in better detail.

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