Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Titan Project

Anyone in my gaming group will tell you that I love to kill tiny things with bigger tiny things. Also, they will tell you (at least the ones who have faced Sk├Âll) that I was a big enough jerk to build a Warhound Titan out of cardstock, wooden skewers, and some PVC piping so that I may live out this obsession of killing tiny things with bigger tiny things.

This is about the time to kiss your butt goodbye...

Well, I'm at it again. This time I'm building three (later as many as six...) more Warhounds before I graduate to something just a bit more ridiculous: The Reaver Titan. I'll probably end up building two, actually, unless I somehow manage to recover my sanity in the time it takes to build the first. In any case, if after all that, I haven't run out of room to store these beasts, and I still have the Spark of Inspiration, then I'll build a Warlord. I probably will never get that far, but holy crap, I'll have nearly a whole Titan Legion at my disposal, and the thought of it just makes me smile.

Can you say "Squishies?"

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