Monday, February 27, 2012

Squad Reinforced!

Well, I bought some models off of Ebay on Friday, and they were here when I got home from work today (Monday), so that was an epic win, which turned into a double epic win because they were also on sale for ~26% off retail at the time of purchase. If there's anyone who doesn't know, there is an Ebay store that sells model wargame products minus the box (for ease of shipping I'd presume) at fantastic prices.

That Ebay store is know simply as Discount Games Store and has fantastic prices, ridiculously quick shipping, and great selection. They don't carry one-offs or blister packs (at least that I'm aware of...) but if it comes in a box, you can be fairly certain to find it. The discount margin ranges from 10-35% depending if they have a sale going on or if you buy bulk (Yup, they sell Rhinos in packs of up to 9!) but they average in the 16-20% area for most of their offers. Yes, I know that there are other wargame online stores sell at 20% off on everything, but every once in a while you can hunt down some excellent bargains. So, check them out the next time you are looking to buy some models.

As for the models I bought, they were two Tactical Squads, and two Rhinos, all to be painted in the Copper Dragon color scheme for the March 10th tournament.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Battle Barn 02-17-12

I went to the Barn last night, and decided to play with the Coppers a little bit. I started the Coppers as more of an exercise in painting (with the side benefit of dabbling in another codex) but I'm starting to appreciate the difference in play compared to my Space Wolves. I've made the unfortunate (and major) mistake throughout my early days playing Coppers: They don't play anything like the Space Wolves, but that didn't stop me from trying.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dragons United Pt. 1

This is the first group shot of my paint progress thus far.

Also, epic shot of my box-o-bits.

My ever expanding army, hopefully they'll get a whole bookcase to themselves one day...

Pay no attention to the Shadowsword lurking on the bottom shelf...
The reality of the situation is that I just want to show them off...

Vaya con Dios,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Captain Avitus of the Drake Wing

I finally (re)started painting my Copper Dragons since the big move... I'm slowly working and already finished the Sargent of my Assault Squad (they have wings, freak out, I know... I don't rightly care, honestly. They look freaking cool.) I even made a fancy little hybrid flying stem+25mm base...

Now for some fluff:

Captain Avitus is the leader of the Copper Dragons 7th Company also known as the Drake Wing, which consists entirely of Assault Marines that bear the Copper Dragon's most outstanding mutation: fully functional dragon wings. Copper Dragons that bear this mutation have an instinctual ability to use the wings to great effect, especially in combat. Furthermore the wings are made of what superficially looks like copper though they are much more flexible, impossibly hard, and immune to intense heat.

As for the Captain himself, he distinguished himself early on in his service to the Emperor as both a fierce combatant and an outstanding tactician, even by Marine standards. He, unlike others of his rank, feels most comfortable leading the battle from the front, and will always lead a hand picked squad of Marines as a Sargent. His weapon of choice is a pair of Lightning Claws he made during his training.

Furthermore, I need a better camera...

Vaya Con Dios,
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