Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Journal of Silvr (Entry 4)

It's been three days since the last job, and the wanted posters have been popping up in more and more places. They're starting to make me think maybe this one won't just blow over... I did some digging at a terminal no one was using at the time and I traced the source of the warrant back to someone in the Middle Level, but it looks like it was just a relay from someone above him, but by the time I got that far, someone noticed me, so I had to split.

I got word from Vashuk that while I was bunkered down in my apartment, the boss wanted us to meet up for intel on the next job. They went on without me, and after the meeting everyone, minus Vayne... I don't know where exactly he disappeared to... met up at my place to let me know what the job was.

The little bastard kobold finally cracked... took him longer than normal, too... usually they sing for peanuts. But I digress. As it turns out we were set up. The man who set us up with the tram job (a Human informant we had in the Middle Levels named Talan) also set up the thugs with equipment and where to hit us. The job then was to sneak into the Middle Levels that night to kill him and find concrete evidence that he's working for the Uppers.

We needed new ID's again, and some way to make Vashuk less... lizard-like... so we had the local Wiz hook us up with a pretty awesome Illusion that would make us look anyway we wanted to look, unfortunately, it only lasts an hour. He hit me, Vashuk, and Zeke with it, and gave us some potions for the return trip.

We got up there, Zeke and Reese headed off to Talan's appartment, and Vashuk and I went to the offices he worked in hopes of data mining his office terminal for the evidence. We posed as technicians, but it turns out, the door was open and the front desk left completely unattended. I quickly hacked the terminal, downloaded the schematic for the whole building, and located the floor and room Talan's office was. I also took the time to do my favorite camera hack after using it to spy out who was on the floor at the time.

We took the elevator up, we both quietly got out, and Vashuk, true to his skills snuck into one office, knocked out the person inside with his stungun, and then ushered me down the hall to join him. We got to Talan's office and I had to unlock to door, but Vashuk, again true to his natural abilities got in there without waking Talan (who apparently had fallen asleep at his desk.)

Vashuk stunned him, and I went to work on his Terminal. A short time later I had what I came for, a set of encrypted files located very deep in his file structure. I loaded them onto my datapad to take back to the boss, and since I still had some time, I also tried again to trace who put the warrant out on me. As it turns out, it was placed by a member of the Council itself! I don't know what I did to earn such an honor, but they'll just have to wait their turn to see me.

While I was busy doing all that and after verifying that was in fact Talan, Vashuk killed him by blocking some arteries to his brain or something. Then he sat him back in his chair to make it look like he just passed out. As we were exiting the floor, we heard the elevator coming up so we quickly chugged our potions (the spell had long since worn off by then) and one of their actual technicians come out and walked right past us. We headed down the elevator, quickly and nonchalantly exited the front door past the secretary and made our way back to the Lifts down to the Lower Levels.

After we got back to my apartment, I found Reese and Zeke had already picked my lock and let themselves in. After breaking into Talan's apartment, Reese got jumped by a couple hitmen who were waiting for Talan to get home. Zeke quickly smashed them both and after stealing the hard drive from Talan's home office terminal, got out of there as quick as they could.

In the end, we got paid, and I got some information I needed, so life is good for the time being.

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