Monday, April 4, 2016

Death of a Game Store

I have the most unfortunate luck with game stores that I like and visit frequently closing down. In this particular instance, I'm referring to Empire Games in Mesa, AZ. It was by far the largest game store in my general area of the Valley, and it will be missed. The one glimmer of goodness that came of this was the 50% off everything sale they had the day they shut the doors.

You will be missed.
The store had a 30% off sale for the week leading up to the last day, and much to my surprise, someone had come in at the start of the week and offered to buy the store's entire stock of 40k models if they could get them at 50% off then, and the store owner accepted. Kinda bummed that there wasn't any 40k stuff to be had, but I didn't really have too high a hope for there to be anything at that point.

That said, I was afforded the opportunity by this sale to build on my fledgling Skeleton Hordes (Warhammer Fantasy) army. I ended up bringing home a box of Tomb Kings Skeleton Chariots, three boxes of Skeletal Horsemen, a Corpse Cart, Count Mannfred von Carstein, and 5 blisters of old school Black Knights. These should do nicely to round out my current collection of a Vampire Counts Battalion, Tomb Kings Battalion, Wight King, and Necromancers.

I also nabbed a Blood Bowl Human team box they had in the back corner of the store forever and ever gathering dust. It was purchased with the intent of being a birthday present for my best friend. He's been watching Blood Bowl models on ebay for a while now, and I know he'll enjoy them.

Also grabbed a couple pots of paint, and the Black Library Damocles Anthology. All in all not a bad haul, but I regret it had to be at the cost of my favored FLGS existing.

Vaya con Dios,

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