Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fishie Sticks

I've made quite a bit of painting progress on my Tau in recent days. I finally got one out of my three Firewarrior (Strike Teams, now... I suppose) squads done to tabletop standard. I painted both my fixer-upper Devilfish I bought off ebay a jillion years ago disruption pod effects and all. I also painted a Remora to see how easy it would be to do a batch of them, and I like the results. I even rewarded my progress so far by painting one of my HQ models that I have set as off-limits while I paint my rank-and-files. In this case, it is Shas'O R'myr the sweet, sweet XV89 commander with a fancy plasma rifle.

Also, for kicks, a picture of my WIP infantry models that need to get done. Then I can move on to my Sniper Drones and probably my squad of XV-88-2 with Heavy Rail Rifles.

Pics after the jump.


What did I get myself into...?

As always, vaya con Dios,

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