Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lost in the Warp... how'd that happen?

Turns out half the Tau stuff I ordered almost a month ago now hasn't even been shipped by the place of purchase yet (I've bought from them before with no problems, and I suspect that they are having issues with GW supplying them... like nearly every other independent stockist...)

This would include 1 Battle Force (possibly one of the older ones if they still had it in stock, might end up being one of the new ones, I really don't care either way...), 3 Skyray/Hammerhead kits, 1 box of Firewarriors, and 1 Aegis Line for kicks (mostly for my Imperials, but that wouldn't stop my Tau from... "borrowing" it every now and again until they can manufacture their prototype drone shield wall...)

In any case, I do have most of my three Stealth teams primed and ready for painting, along with my Fire Warrior and Kroot squad from the first old battle force I bought primed and ready for painting. Also, I got my Ethereal done to a standard I didn't know I could accomplish... maybe all that time reading about various techniques actually paid off! Enjoy some pics...

Vaya con Dios,

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