Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tau-tally awesome!

So I finally bit the bullet and have started phase one of my future Tau Empire army.

First things first... I'm a bit of a cheapskate in general, so I'll be tracking exactly how much I invest in this army (the bulk of which will have been purchased off of ebay by the time I'm done.) and then the other thing that will set this army apart from the rest of the Tau players is the fact that it will be a "themed" army... a Stealth Cadre. (I know... *so* hipster of me [in reality, it's more that I actually *like* being different...])

So the basic concept of the list is for lots of Pathfinders, Firewarriors, and Stealth Suits (XV-15's, no less!), one in each squad will be the kitbash of a XV-25 and a Firewarrior so I can have me some Fusion Blaster-y goodness with style! :D

Also, in case you haven't seen the epic mid-cloaking paint-job that I'll be trying to replicate on my Stealth teams, here ya go:

I haven't really settled on what HQ[s] to take (though I'm leaning toward Dark Strider/Cadre Fireblade/Commander Shadowsun in some combination), or if I want to include Kroot, but I definitely want me some Skyray for the skyfiring markerlights... probably two, actually. I also picked up a couple devilfish in very poor condition for cheap so they may make it into my list as well.

Total so for:
15 metal XV-15 (three of which are Sash'vre with markerlights!)
2 beat up Devilfish
1 oldstyle Broadside w/ metal parts

$$$: 117.41

Vaya con Dios,

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